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What is the Passenger Status Service?

Please refer to the front page to learn more.

Can I self-host the Passenger Status Service?

Yes. The Passenger Status Service app is a Rails app, available on Github and is MIT-licensed.

Does the Service work with apps not hosted on Heroku?

Yes. The Passenger Status Service works with apps hosted on any infrastructure. But it is primarily Heroku users that need this service, which is why.

Does the Service work with Passenger Enterprise?

Yes. No additional configuration is necessary. The setup instructions we provide are compatible with both Passenger open source and Passenger Enterprise.

What kind of data does the agent send?

The output of the passenger-status command and the host name.

Where can I find the source code of the Passenger Status Service Agent?

See its Github repository.

The Service doesn't seem to receive any data from the agent. How do I troubleshoot this?

Run heroku logs and check any logs that begin with "passenger_status_service_agent".